Faber Cylinders Systems

Faber production covers all Cylinder Types:
Faber has the engineering capability to assist and deal with almost any request for CNG and Hydrogen Cylinder Racks for vehicle’s on-board applications. Faber can offer an integrated solution by providing an in-house designed rack arrangement according to the customer's current needs also offering technical support and training for the installation, maintenance and general upkeep of the arrangement for racks at our customers' sites

Over recent years and driven by a strong customer demand, Faber has become also a competent supplier of in-house designed and manufactured bundles and trailers to leading gas companies. That is yet another innovation at Faber whereby we deliver a total package, comprising our high quality and efficient gas cylinders, at very high-pressure (up to 1100 bar working pressure) for storage of gaseous hydrogen at Refilling Stations or Trailers applications