Cylinder shells for Accumulators

For over 40 years we at Faber have been a worldwide leader as a manufacturer of high pressure gas cylinders. Seamless (Type 1) in construction initially, we have progressed to be the only manufacturer who also supplies composites, which not only have steel liners and are both hoop-wound (Type 2) and fully-wound (Type 3) in construction, but also non-load bearing composite cylinders with a unique combination of non-metallic liners (Type 4), for specific applications. Our gas cylinders are used by a huge range of customers for compressed, liquefied and dissolved gases, at working pressures up to 1100 bar, including hydrogen and are manufactured to exacting International/National standards and Regulations. The in-depth expertise gained from manufacturing high quality gas cylinders has been fruitfully transferred to develop a wide variety of products in the growing field of the accumulators sector.

New catalogue of Faber's Accumulators will be available soon.

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